5-HTP Brands: Which is Best?

When you’re first looking into whether 5-HTP works and how to get it, you’ll probably notice quickly that there are dozens of different brands out there. It’s easy to tell which brand is “best” with conventional medicine, because one has the patented name, but with natural medicine, it’s a lot harder to pin down the best type.

5-HTP is like many other natural remedies, because your body will process and react to it differently than anyone else’s. A brand that works well for you might make someone else feel anxious or sleepy, and vice versa. Therefore, I’ve tried to base my recommendations on a solid brand history, good overall reviews, and my own personal experience with the brands.

I also ensured that all of the brands listed are available on Amazon for easy purchase, as it’s such a trusted site worldwide and one of the easiest ways to get natural supplements for less than they’d cost from the shelf if you’re in the USA. You can also order them with fast shipping if you’d like to start immediately or if you can’t find them locally, and subscribe for delivery to save more money once you’ve decided that you like a brand.

Here are four of the top brands to check out (in no particular order), and my favourite size of each. You can easily find other sizes available if you’re looking for a particular size, though.

1. Jarrow
This company offers 60 capsules of 100mg each or 90 capsules of 50mg each. I recommend the 50 mg capsules to start with, and if you later find that you need more, you can easily increase the dosage. Some people stick to taking a few 50mg capsules rather than one 100mg capsule, because larger doses can make you more nauseous. They’re USA-based, were founded in 1977, and get consistently good reviews. Click to shop for Jarrow 5-HTP capsules.

2. Source Naturals
You can find 100mg and 50mg capsules from this company on Amazon, in packages of 30, 60, or 120. For the exact sizing options available, this is a great choice. If you want to test 5-HTP, try the 30-capsule bottle of 50mg caplets. The 100mg capsules work out to be a better deal if you’re planning on taking higher dosages, though. The company was founded in 1982 and is particularly well-known for immune support products. Click to shop for Source Naturals 5-HTP capsules.

3. Natrol
This is a brand that worked particularly well for me personally, and is available on Amazon in many different forms, including 2-packs with 90 total capsules of 50mg, 100mg mood enhancer, 100mg fast dissolve, and 200mg timed release capsules. The company was founded in 1980, and first sold sleep aids in 1995, but they already get great results. My favorite product by Natrol is the mood enhancer 5-HTP, since it’s one of their cheapest. ;) Click to shop for Natrol 5-HTP capsules.

4. Nature’s Bounty
Another of my favourite brands. There aren’t many options for ordering through Amazon, and all I could find was the bottle of 60 capsules, 100 mg each, but I found Nature’s Bounty to be among the most effective brands I tried. The company was founded in 1971, and along with my positive experiences, there are good reviews on this type of supplement and others by the company. They aren’t too expensive, either. Click to shop for Nature’s Bounty 5-HTP capsules.

There are plenty of choices if you’re looking to buy a reliable brand of 5-HTP on Amazon, but these are four brands I find particularly reliable. They might not all work for you, so be prepared to experiment with a lower dosage until you make sure there are no unwanted side-effects and then increase to a normal dosage later. If a 50 mg dose of one brand makes you feel particularly nauseous consistently for a day or two, it’s probably not the right one for you, so try another and see how that feels. See my 5-HTP treatment plan in the free ebook I wrote for more info on how to start with any of these brands.

Through trial and error, you can find the best brand for you. Once you do, I recommend buying it consistently so your body adjusts to this particular type of 5-HTP. I found minor transition issues when I experimented with different brands from this list.

5-HTP for depression is a scientifically verified alternative treatment for serotonin problems. To check on Amazon for the lowest price for this natural supplement, click here.

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